Although it’s still common to call any winter sports holiday a ski holiday, in reality almost any ski holiday can equally well be a snowboarding holiday. Our resort guides contain specific snowboarding information for each resort, with star ratings to show which resorts are best for snowboarders.

snowboarder-jumpExactly what you need from your resort will depend on the type of snowboard holiday you’re after. For example some are great for teaching boarding, others have excellent terrain parks and still others have wonderful free ride terrain for carving up the powder. Many can cover all three.

Take a look at the ski lift network when you’re narrowing down your choice too. It’s usually much easier to get around the ski area on fast chairlifts and gondolas than on drag lifts.

snowboarderIf you’re looking for cheap snowboarding holidays, look for trips before Christmas, in mid-January or at the end of the season. Consider self-driving to apartment in France and stay at a less well known resorts. As a result you can pay half the cost for a peak week in one of the famous resorts and have just as much fun.

If terrain parks are important to you though, choose a resort with high slopes, ideally on a glacier, especially if you plan to arrive early in the season. Some parks aren’t built until in to the new year as resorts at lower elevations have to wait for adequate snow to build them.

Top 10 snowboarding resorts