Ski Resorts


Did you know that there are resorts around the world that you can go to and enjoy skiing and the other benefits it offers? You could be jetting around Europe, or even to the other side of the Atlantic to get your kicks on the slope.

There are various places that you can visit inside Europe, although the key destination for beginners and pros alike is definitely the Alps. Many of the best ski slopes are in France, and if you are stuck for a place to ski then you should start your plans here. From places like Chamonix to Val Thorens you can be sure that France will offer you the best ski slopes and brilliant accommodation.

If you are unsure that France is the destination for you, then you could try the other Alpine areas. Switzerland offers some fantastic slopes at Verbier and St. Moritz, whilst Austria and Italy also offer some top slopes. You can be sure that if you hit the Alps your skiing holiday will be a great experience.

There are also other interesting places in Europe that you can visit to get your skiing fix. Have you considered Bulgaria as a destination, or maybe Slovenia or Andorra? All of these places have great ski experiences for you and your family. As some of these destinations are ‘off the beaten track’ you might find that a holiday to other parts of Europe can be significantly cheaper that the top Alpine resorts.

Alternatively you could hop across the pond to one of the North American resorts.  Both Canada and the USA offer some fantastic ski resorts, and if you have the budget you could find yourself on a brilliant holiday. Places like Lake Tahoe and Whistler will give you and your family a holiday to remember. If you are interested in a holiday, don’t hesitate to book today, you know it is the experience of a lifetime.

We have compiled an independent destination guide and review of all our resorts. You will find a detailed introduction and history; along with guides on beginner, intermediate and advanced skiing; snowboarding; what else there is to do in resort and of course après-ski. For those taking family ski holidays, details on what family facilities are provided in resort are also available.

As well as all that you can find detailed resort statistics, snow reports, snow reports history, weather reports, and all accommodation available in resort.

We’ve also written a quick guide to the most popular ski areas.