Ski Deals

Ski Deals

Cheap ski deals can be available a whole year before your ski holiday, as the big tour operators now publish their first brochures for the next ski season AFTER the start of the current ski season. These usually contain early booking discounts and price freezes for those prepared to book a year ahead.

ski-jumpMore ski deals appear in the summer before the ski season when operators want to get bookings moving. These often include money off the package price and offers like free lift tickets if you book by a certain date.

Once autumn begins the first of the late booking deals begin to appear for December as operators see which resorts and hotels have more space left than they would like.

Late booking offers then move through the season, with January offers beginning around late October and so on.

Ski deals are rare for New Year and in the Alps for February as these are peak season so demand is high unless it is a poor winter for snow. The best savings are always in low season.

Last Minute Ski Deals

Late ski deals can offer great savings on regular prices. They are usually offered a few weeks, or even days, before the holiday is due to begin when operators want to fill seats on planes or beds in hotels rather than leave them empty.

skiingLate deals are great if you don’t care too much where you go or where you stay, so long as there’s snow. Leaving it late means you can wait to see where the best snow is just before you book.

But you need to be careful if you’re not completely flexible. If you have a family or have other special requirements you should be aware that, unless you’re very lucky, late deals are normally fairly limited in scope, so may well not meet your needs.

Most late deals are offered in low season too, before Christmas, in January and from March onwards except for Easter. If you want to travel at peak times and don’t want to risk missing out altogether, it’s safest to book early instead.

Last minute ski deals are also most likely to be offered from a London airport with charters from northern cities tending to get booked up. If you live in the north be aware that you may need to get to London for your cheap ski holiday and if you’ve left it late the cheap connecting rail and air fares may have gone.